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Model - Laura Roldan

H&M sales increased with 18%

For the first three months of the financial year, fashion retailer Hennes & Maurits published its sales increase of 18%. The profit of the company came down to €21 billion (SEK19,74 billion, excluding VAT), compared to €17,8 billion for last year. The first quarter of 2008 ended on 29th February 2008.

The net profit of the Swedish fashion retailer ended on €313 million. This is an increase of 28% in comparison to the net profit in 2007 (€245 million). The sales developments are mainly the result of the higher quality of the collections, and the increased internet- and catalogue sales. Due to the dollar price, the low wholesale and transport costs also contributed to H&M positive figures.

Next to in-house fashion labels such as L.O.G.G and Devided, the fashion company also carries the label COS (Collection Of Style). Last year London saw the launch of a shop dedicated to COS on Regent Street. At the beginning of March, H&M acquired shares of Swedish Fabric Scandinavian and denim label Cheap Monday. These acquirements are not included within the first quarter.

H&M launched eleven new stores and closed down four in the first quarter of 2008. The number of stores amounted to 1,529 on 29th February 2008 versus 1,351 the year before. For the second quarter of 2008, the company is looking to open another 54 stores, mostly located in the UK, US, Spain, Italy and Germany.


Model - Alessandra Ambrosio

Model - Alessandra Ambrosio


There are nearly 1300 pairs of shoes in the Fashion Museum collection, from a pair of red velvet embroidered mules dating to about 1700 to a pair of flat brown distressed leather brogues from 2004 by Japanese designer Junya Wattanabe.

These shoes are both from the 1950s. The gold sandal is by Fortnum and Mason and the extraordinary ‘heel-less’ black suede shoe by an unknown Italian designer. These are hardly warn, which comes as no surprise really.

Other shoe names in the collection include Hellstern, N Greco, Ferragamo, Chelsea Cobbler, Oliver Sweeney, Emma Hope, Patrick Cox and Manolo Blahnik.

A selection of shoes from the collection is on display in the Fashion Museum galleries.

2008 Prom Dress Themes

Months before prom night, young ladies begin looking for that perfect prom dress. One popular trend is to buy 2008 prom dresses according to prom themes. Fashion trends are always changing, and some ladies prefer to go for the latest and the best though of course this is not within the budget or even preference of every girl going to the prom that year. From following celebrities, fashion magazines, and other trend indicators, there are many choices that a girl may look at when deciding on her prom dress. Now such a decision is made with hours of consultations with friends and an exchange of ideas and suggestions from many sources. Prom themes can be great when you get stuck and are unable to decide which way to go.

Themes are also good because they help you to focus on the color, style, cut, and fabric of your prom dress. Once you get started it is easier to focus on such things as accessories and finally arrive at that perfect look for your prom night. The only thing better than looking good alone is looking good together with your friends. Themes are reinforced when friends dress alike because it drives home the point that your friendships will continue into the new phase of life.
One of the most popular and longstanding themes for prom dresses is the one associated with Cinderella. The classic princess dress with glass slippers is not only a favorite with many but is also one of the few themes that never gets old or out of fashion. If nothing else, then it is a safe choice.
Another theme that has gained favor with prom attendees is one based on Hollywood and its various celebrities. This does not only follow the latest trends but sometimes goes back into history and brings back the classics that bring along their own aura of freshness through a long absence.
Themes may also follow music but they are a bit difficult to follow. Music themes depend on the colors that are being planned to go with the music. The safe way is to ensure that your own choice of colors is in rapport with the overall theme and not against it.The accessories you choose need equally attention when you plan your 2008 prom dresses according to prom themes. Just be sure and not fall into the trap of overdoing anything. Sometimes all it takes is one small touch and everything becomes self-evident. Decide on a good prom theme and your choice will naturally become easier as well as unique.


Dress of the Year 2000

How does a museum of historic dress keep up with modern fashion? At the Fashion Museum we have a unique scheme called the Dress of the Year.
Each year since 1963, when the museum was founded in Bath, we have asked a fashion expert to select a dress or outfit for the museum’s collection to represent the most important new ideas in contemporary fashion. The chosen designers or manufacturers have always very generously given the clothes to the Fashion Museum and the firm of Adel Rootstein donates an up-to-date mannequin for the display.
Dress of the Year choices from 1963 to 2005 are listed on the left.

19th Century Fashion

This is one of the richest areas of the Fashion Museum collections with examples from the slender white muslin dresses of the early 19th century to more colourful and voluminous dresses, such as the bright blue silk day dress worn with a cage crinoline from the 1860s, seen below.

To see more nineteenth century fashion, see the Collection search.

British Fashion

Stitched wool mix dress by John Bates at Jean VaronPhotograph by Barry Lategan, Vogue August 1971. Copyright The Conde Nast Publications Ltd

British fashion is known throughout the world for it tradition and iconoclasm. The Fashion Museum has important collections of the work of many British designers, many of whom are less well-known than the big names who feature regularly in histories of 20th century fashion, but who have made equally significant contributions to British fashion.
Work by different British fashion designer will be featured from time to time in the Fashion Museum galleries. The designers currently featured all worked in the 1970s and 1980s and are John Bates, Janice Wainwright, Wendy Dagworthy and Sarah Dallas.

18th Century Fashion

The Fashion Museum has a good collection of 18th century dress for both men and women. Highlights include a sizeable group of men’s embroidered waistcoats and this gown from 1742. The silk was designed by Anna Maria Garthwaite.

Raima Sen

Raima Sen - The sexy siren. This 1979 born Indian actress is the grand daughter of the much acclaimed and legendary actress of yester years of Tollywood, Suchitra Sen and daughter of the popular actress Moonmoon Sen. Her first movie was ‘Godmother’ which was released in 1999. The film was directed by Vinay Shukla and had the national award winning actress Shabana Azmi in the lead and portraying the title role. This movie was critically acclaimed.
In ‘Daman’ in 2001, Raima Sen appeared as Raveena’s daughter. She had a small but important role in this film and was highly appreciated. The film ‘Choker Bali’, directed by the famous film maker Rituparno Ghosh came as breakthrough for Raima and opened the door for more opportunities in films. Raima Sen was praised for her simple and submissive role as ‘Ashalata’ in the movie. In 2005, Raima got the opportunity to feature in the critically acclaimed hit film ‘Parineeta’, the film was directed by Pradeep Sarkar.

The film starred Vidya Balan in the lead and also Saif Ali Khan and Sanjay Dutt. By far, Raima Sen has done a variety of films like ‘Dus’, ‘Funtoosh’, ‘Eklavya’, ‘Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd’ and ‘Manorama Six Feet Under’. The last two films have helped Raima to prove her versatility in acting. In both the films ,she had received appreciated. Raima is known for her low profile and it is often said that she has resemblance with the veteran actress and also her grandmother Suchitra Sen. This upcoming actress of Bollywood has a bright future ahead.

About Indian Fashion

When we draw our attention towards fashion trend, the first thought that strikes our mind is dressing oneself in trendy fashion style clothing. Indian fashion is not just about attiring latest fashion clothes but much more. It believes in grooming your entire personality, thus moulding your physical makeup keeping in mind your mental makeup.

It is a term, which encompasses not just wardrobe, but the kind of shoes, accessories, hairstyle and jewelry that you choose to wear. There is a wide range of accessories consisting of huge variety right from wallets and fashion handbags to contact lenses, eyeglasses, belts, watches, perfumes, hairclips, broaches, scarves and ties.

Jewelry is woman's best friend. It brings out her beauty in the most elegant manner. She may have a large gamut of earrings, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, nose-pins, rings and armlets in her collection. But now men have also headed their way to the jewelry section. Thus no exclusive reservation of women is allowed.